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Sign Language Instructors in Canada

American Sign Language Instructors in Canada

*Specializing in teaching infants, toddlers, older children & their families*

Alberta - Calgary

Baby Can Sign® - Tricia Davis, M.A. CCC-Audiology
CLASSES: Four, hour-long, fun and interactive classes for parents and their infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Over 80 ASL signs are taught along with songs and nursery rhymes to enjoy with your child. One & one-half hour workshops are a great way to learn the very basic signs to get started signing.

Tricia is a certified audiologist with the American Speech-Language Hearing Association. She's worked at Foothills Hospital, the Calgary Board of Education (CBE), and also at health centres in Ontario. For 3 years while working at CBE at Queen Elizabeth School in Calgary with the deaf and hard of hearing program, she used American Sign Language on a regular basis. Tricia has upgraded her ASL while attending week-long adult ASL immersion during the summers of 2006, 2007 & 2008 through the Bob Rumball Centre for the Deaf in Ontario. She completed Signing Naturally 301 through Calgary's Deaf and Hard of Hearing Society in 2011. Her Universtiy training in speech-language development adds to the quality of her classes & workshops.

Tricia enjoyed the benefits of signing with her two children (a daughter, born in 1991 and son, born in 1994) between the ages of 3 months and 3 years of age!

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Tricia is the owner of; established June 2004.

For info on classes contact:
Tricia Davis, M.A, CCC-Audiology
(403) 990-4908
Email: aproved

Quebec - Montreal

Talking Hands / les mains qui parlent - Amy Ma

*Enrichissez la communication pour les bebes et les enfants avec des cours d'acueil communicatif.
C'est jamais trop tard pour encourager les bebes pre-verbaux a s'exprimer. Plusieurs etudes montrent que les bebes sont capables de communiquer par signes bien avant qu'ils soient parler. Les jeux, les chansons et les comptines soulignent les etapes de developpement importantes. On emploie les signes d'American Sign Language (ASL) et de la langue des signes quebecoise (LSQ) dans une paedagogie facile a apprendre et amusante a  pratiquer.

*Why wait to communicate? Find out what's on the mind of your preverbal child today! Through interactive games, songs and storytelling, you'll learn signs that will help you communicate with your pre-verbal infant. Sign language is a natural bridge for bilingual and multilingual households. Classes held both in English (with ASL) and French (with LSQ).

Amy Ma
Phone: (514) 284-9435

B.C. - Greater Vancouver

Barb Desmarais The Parenting Coach

Barb teaches Baby Sign classes in and around the Vancouver area. She was featured in a CBC "The National" story on signing with infants, that was aired in March, 2004.

Barb knows first-hand the value of ASL for both Deaf children and hearing children. While helping to raise her two deaf step-sons ASL was a integral part of her family's life. Her two younger hearing children picked up sign language while infants and communicated their wants and needs at a very early age.

Barb has published ASL for Babies - Level 1:

ASL for Babies
is a booklet that provides 80 simple signs that babies as young as 6 months can begin to learn. Barb collaborated with her talented son, Roger, who sketched the American Sign Language signs in the booklet. Roger's first language is ASL.

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