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Sign Language Instructors in Calgary

American Sign Language Instructors in Calgary

Baby Can Sign® - Tricia Davis, M.A. CCC-Audiology,

CLASSES: Four, hour-long, fun and interactive classes for parents and their infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Over 80 ASL signs are taught along with easy-to-learn children's songs to enjoy with your baby! American Sign Language signs for food, animals, pets, toys and more are taught. English words/ phrases are spoken along with the signs. If a second language is spoken in the home, Tricia will help with incorporating words and meanins of the second languages with equivalent signs/ meanings in ASL. Signs taught to help with an older child's behaviour (in a positive way) include: "please", "thank you","share", "help", "stop", "wait", "wrong", "pet gently" (for animals) etc.

Tricia's passion is working with children and parents to enhance language and speech development in pre-verbal hearing children including children with special needs.

Tricia worked at Foothills Hospital when she first moved to Calgary (from Toronto) in 1990. Then she worked an an educational audiologist with the Calgary Board of Education. Tricia used American Sign Language on a regular basis and learned some ASL from the students in the deaf and hard-of hearing program based at the Queen Elizabeth School. Tricia has upgraded her ASL while attending ASL immersion programs in 2006, 2007 & 2008 through the Bob Rumball Centre for the Deaf. She completed Signing Naturally 301 through Calgary's Deaf and Hear Association in 2011.

Tricia and her husband, Chris signed to both their hearing children when they were babies, continued through toddler-hood and at times when they were preschoolers! Though now both are young adults, Alana and Lucas remember some of the key signs in ASL and have been able to use even some ASL in their respective workplaces.

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Tricia Davis, M.A, CCC-Audiology
(403) 990-4908
Email: babycansign at shaw dot ca aproved

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